Books & Videos

Exploring Jazz Guitar  by Jim Hall.  Milwaukee: Hal Leonard Inc., 1991.  Personal thoughts and philosophies about creating and performing music; including an historical perspective of jazz guitar, an analysis of several original compositions, tips and techniques for guitarists.

Jazz Improvisation: Transcriptions of Jim Hall Solos for all instrumental musicians.    Supervised by Jim Hall.  Japan: Nichon Publications Inc., 1980.

Jim Hall: Jazz Guitar Environments (transcriptions and performance notes with CD), Milwaukee: Hal Leonard Inc., 1994

Master Sessions with Jim Hall (Instructional Guitar Video) Milwaukee: Hal Leonard Inc., 1993. An open rehearsal with Jim Hall, featuring duo, trio and quartet performances with Larry Goldings (piano), Steve LaSpina (bass) and Bill Stewart (drums).

Jim Hall: Jazz Guitar Master Class (a three-volume set) Japan: Rittor Music, 1994.  The three volumes include Elementary Class-Basics of Improvisation; Advanced Class-Self Expression, and Ensemble Class-Interaction featuring Jim’s quartet with Scott Colley (bass), Andy Watson (drums), and Rasmus Lee (tenor saxophone).